Sweatshirt and pencil skirt #2

sweatshirt and pencil skirt outfit

Curvy outfit in sweatshirt and pencil skirt. Again

I did it again. In this curvy outfit of the day I mixed once again a casual sweatshirt and a polite pencil skirt, as I did in my previous post Fashion experiments and experimenters and analyzed and corrected in The beleaguered art of fashion criticism.

As [...]

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The beleaguered art of fashion criticism

the beleaguered art of criticism

A new fashion column on my blog: Episode 1

I want to introduce a brand new column on blog. It’s called ”The beleaguered art of fashion criticism” and I drew inspiration from two nice pieces: the first, published on The Daily Beast e written by Robin Givhan, and the other one, called “The beleaguered [...]

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Fashion experiments and experimenters

sporty chic

On having a strong voice and being quirky in fashion blogging

The first thing you need to do before opening a blog, is to ask yourself “What is the point of my blog?”

Well, I opened a blog trying to show a sustainable and ethical way to intend fashion, being a brave fashion experimenter, [...]

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