Slow living in autumn

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How to connect your life through natural rhythms

Fall is my favourite season for a lot of reasons and the beauty of the nature is one of them. I’m in love with the colorful foliage and the rhythms of the earth in this time of the year. So I try to learn from it to [...]

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Off season Calabria. Walking the Greek roots

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Ancient and ghost towns in the Aspromonte mountains

If you read my travel posts you know well that I’m not used to talk about famous and tourist destinations, but rather about hidden and lost places that almost nobody knows. Today I want to show you the most southern part of Calabria (a region of [...]

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Rome for solitary travelers


Experience the magic of traveling solo to the Eternal City

I know what your thinking about: most of you refuse to take account the idea of traveling alone. But a solitary travel is an experience everyone should do in his life sooner or later. If your not sure or brave enough to leave alone [...]

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Slow travel in Italy

Mormanno, massiccio Pollino, Calabria

Mormanno, a hidden treasure on the Pollino mountains

There are places here in Italy where life go slow and earth moves fast. Places so hard to reach, because you can’t find them in tourist’s travel itineraries and where there are no famous monuments to visit. Places where winter is cold, snow falls and earthquakes [...]

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