A fat bikini will save us from false perfection

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Why curvy women in swimwear can debunk the myth of beauty

Amazing women peep out from the pages of slick magazines, so marvelously perfect to be unreal. They are designed starting from a model and photographer but they don’t exist in the real world.

We are all enchanted by perfection, it’s such an out [...]

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Who’s afraid of swimsuit season?

even my body is a bikini body

Even my body is a bikini body

Sometimes you need to get undressed to be plausible. In my Curvy on the beach post and my insta-story of my first day at the beach (recounted using the hashtag #curvyonthebeach) I told about the dreaded swuitsuit season. Almost every curvy and plus size woman felt that [...]

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Anatomy of snobbery

self esteem and snobbery

Are you snob or self confident?

Some people say I’m a snob fashion blogger. They think I’m snobbish, I overrate my abilities and I feel beautiful and smart even if I’m fat and ugly. Well guys,you know what? I love grammar more than practice, I don’t think Kubrich is boring or Lynch awkward. [...]

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