Marinière and travel

mariniere rubriga

Curvy outfit of the day: striped dress on vacation

New episode for the RubRiga column, today a marinière travel version.

I went on vacation for a few days the last week and I visited an amazing place called Salento. It’s placed in the deep South part of Puglia and it’s full of baroque architectures, [...]

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Denim fit guide for curvy girls #3

Denim fit guide for curvy girls 3: wide leg pants

Wide leg jeans, are they good for curves?

A new episode of my seach for the perfect jeans for curvy women. Before straight leg jeans and skinny jeans today I want to talk about a kind of denim that curvy girls, expecially those who have a pear shaped body, should never wear: wide leg [...]

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Vintage dress for inbetweenies

vintage dress for inbetweenies

Floral dress and Persian blue for a spring curvy outfit

There’s a new curvy outfit for all of you vintage lovers and inbetweenie girls. Spring in back at last and I feel so blissful about it, so I chose to wear a vintage floral dress mixed with a little scarf used as a bow [...]

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The impossible pair

the impossible pair

A curvy girl wearing a mini skirt

And so it was that at the tender age of 34 I wore my first mini mini super mini skirt.

As you can easily realize “the impossible pair” is me and the mini skirt. Because of a pear shaped body, inherited by my Mediterranean genes, my legs [...]

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Best look ever

best look ever

How to find your perfect outfit

Have you ever thought about your perfect look?

To me the perfect look is the one makes you feel represented, highlighted and comfortable with yourself. So I deduce that we can’t find our perfect outfit, and this counts for curvy and plus size women as well, following canned [...]

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