Tomboy curvy outfit

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Sparkles, handmade and stripes

I mixed in this outfit some of the things I love the most: stripes, boyfriend jeans, sparkles and handmade jewels. I only used three colors for a tomboy effect, with a very feminine touch.

Have you noticed my amazing bracelet? Anna made it for me using sewing zip, it’s such [...]

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Stripes & Pleats

marinière t shirt and pleated skirt

Marinière t shirt and pleated skirt

New episode for the #Rubriga, a column about stripes and marinière style. Today I try to find a new way to pair a striped t shirt. Looking at this curvy outfit of the day please don’t ask yourself the two fearfull questions: do orizzontal stripes make you look [...]

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La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

Why the marinière is not a seasonal trend

La Marinière has nothing to do with the seasonal trend of stripes.

Marinière is a world, a way of being and an eternal classic, inspired by Breton sailors, immortal fashion muses, iconic actress and the sea (mainly the Northern sea, but I love my calm, blue [...]

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RubRiga and ethical purchasing

mariniere alla 3

Stripes to the third power

One sweater three ways

Today is a marinière day! My monthly guest post for the RubRiga is dedicated to ethical sourcing.

A few days ago I read about a German man who lives without using money and he manages just fine. For housing he does fix-it jobs for a [...]

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Marinière, Vintage and Illustrations

mariniere vintage illustrations

From the seacoast of Brittany to my sketchbook

The French marinière (the typical Breton sailor shirt) is essential piece in my wardrobe. A timeless classic, the striped nautical style reminds me quiet coastal towns, retro-looking bathing suits, romantic bathing-huts of the early 1900.

I envision myself walking somewhere on a French Atlantic Coast looking [...]

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