Welcome to cupcake heaven

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Patty and Selma. Baking with love

Two sisters, globetrotters and vintage lovers. A bakery and smell of American desserts: cupcakes, brownier, vegan and gluten free cakes and cookies. Patty & Selma, Baking with love is a magic place in Treviglio, Bergamo, where to eat a sunday brunch or spend time chatting and reading books.


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Slow travel in Italy

Mormanno, massiccio Pollino, Calabria

Mormanno, a hidden treasure on the Pollino mountains

There are places here in Italy where life go slow and earth moves fast. Places so hard to reach, because you can’t find them in tourist’s travel itineraries and where there are no famous monuments to visit. Places where winter is cold, snow falls and earthquakes [...]

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