Cooking slow. Slow down and pamper yourself

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Slow cooked spelt soup

Make your home smell like fall! This is an easy but not quick recipe. I admit it, it’s hard to cook a dish like this in your urban flat, because you need an earthenware pot (I believe it’s not so easy to find out of the souther Mediterranean sea area), a [...]

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No excuses healthy recipe

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How to cook a healthy, quick and inexpensive meal in less than a hour

I’m not used to write cooking post on my blog, even if I love food, but sometimes (expecially on my facebook page) I share some easy and quick recipes to reaffirm the first goal of this blog: inspiring people to [...]

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Soul food

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“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul” (Dorothy Day)

Food is nourishment for body and soul so we need to choose it well. I decided to ask a food blogger for help; I wanted to prepare a seasonal dish, made from farm to table, with local and [...]

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