Curvy and plus size photo shoot

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Women with curves, a new project

Italian women with curves have a new project! We met during the Milan Fashion Week for brainstorming and photoshooting. We have a mind to change the rules of the fashion scene in our beautiful and fashionable country. While in the rest of the world curvy and plus size [...]

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For.Me Elena Miro Spring Summer 2014

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Trend alert: Spring Summer 2014 – Milan Fashion Week

As I promised you, here is my report of the By Elena MirĂ² fashion show during the Milan Fashion Week.

I gathered together all the fashion trends I saw on the catwalk for the next spring summer season and I split them into collages.


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The self portrait experiment

black and white self portrait

Photographic studies about self portrait and black and white

This is a preliminary examination. I’m studying self portrait’s tecniques for I a project I’m going to realize in the next future. This photos are totally self made with an entry level reflex and no assistants; I know they are imperfect and full of mistakes, [...]

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In case of rain wear yellow

yellow mac jacket

Curvy fashion outfit: stripes and a yellow mac jacket

My curvy outfit of the day is about unfavourable weather conditions. A wave of bad weather strikes Italy, but nonetheless I don’t want to put away my summer mood. That’s what I do in these cases: I wear my personal sailor uniform, that makes me [...]

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Sweatshirt and pencil skirt #2

sweatshirt and pencil skirt outfit

Curvy outfit in sweatshirt and pencil skirt. Again

I did it again. In this curvy outfit of the day I mixed once again a casual sweatshirt and a polite pencil skirt, as I did in my previous post Fashion experiments and experimenters and analyzed and corrected in The beleaguered art of fashion criticism.

As [...]

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