If you are sane, smile

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A broke curvy blogger in the hot water of a Fashion Week

“If you are sane, smile” Martial, Epigrams

Let me say it: bloggers are a third wheel of the fashion bangwagon. Curvy bloggers are the fifth.

Designers don’t know we exist, famous brand snub us, photographers ignore us, common people look at us [...]

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Curvy and plus size photo shoot

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Women with curves, a new project

Italian women with curves have a new project! We met during the Milan Fashion Week for brainstorming and photoshooting. We have a mind to change the rules of the fashion scene in our beautiful and fashionable country. While in the rest of the world curvy and plus size [...]

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Ethnic Chic

curvy outfit ethnic inspired

Curvy outfit: ethnic prints and turban

One of my blog mantras is to have fun with fashion. In”funshion” (that’s fashion with fun) the way you wear it is so much more important than what you wear. So here I am to show you my curvy outfit of the day, ethnic inspired, with mixed prints and [...]

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In case of rain wear yellow

yellow mac jacket

Curvy fashion outfit: stripes and a yellow mac jacket

My curvy outfit of the day is about unfavourable weather conditions. A wave of bad weather strikes Italy, but nonetheless I don’t want to put away my summer mood. That’s what I do in these cases: I wear my personal sailor uniform, that makes me [...]

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Sweatshirt and pencil skirt #2

sweatshirt and pencil skirt outfit

Curvy outfit in sweatshirt and pencil skirt. Again

I did it again. In this curvy outfit of the day I mixed once again a casual sweatshirt and a polite pencil skirt, as I did in my previous post Fashion experiments and experimenters and analyzed and corrected in The beleaguered art of fashion criticism.

As [...]

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