Here comes the cavalry

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Streetstyle and group shots at the Milan Fashion Week

Why are my street style pictures at the Milan Fashion week coming so late (Milan FW ended 3 weeks ago)? Well, it’s because I don’t mind they could look “old”, they aren’t too closely related with clothes and collections, but try to represent some kind [...]

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You bet

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Or how I won a bet putting a pillbox hat on my head

While I was packing my clothes for the Milan Fashion Week a friend of mine knocked the door. When he saw all my clothes stacked up the bed he said: – Why are you stressing yourself out? No one would notice [...]

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Everyone says I love you

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Fashion Week’s guide for beginners

Fashion week could be a very hard stuff to understand if you’re not part of the fashion crowd. Honestly I was in a tight spot the first time I joined the first one, so I believe it could be good to write a half serious picture guide for dummies [...]

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Curvy and plus size photo shoot

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Women with curves, a new project

Italian women with curves have a new project! We met during the Milan Fashion Week for brainstorming and photoshooting. We have a mind to change the rules of the fashion scene in our beautiful and fashionable country. While in the rest of the world curvy and plus size [...]

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Donne con le curve, the magazine

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A new Italian magazine for curvy and plus size women

There’s a new magazine in town! It’s called “Donne con le Curve” (Women with Curves) and it’s an Italian project of some of the most important Italian curvy and plus size bloggers. The magazine has a zero issue and you can read it at [...]

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