A Madrigal of Sorrow

a madrigal of sorrow

A sketch inspired by “A Madrigal of Sorrow” Charles Baudelaire

Que m’importe que tu sois sage ? Sois belle ! et sois triste ! Les pleurs Ajoutent un charme au visage, Comme le fleuve au paysage ; L’orage rajeunit les fleurs.

What do I care though you be wise? Be sad, be beautiful; your [...]

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The first snow of the season

first snow of the season

Through the window: pictures and reflections

The first snow of the season fell the last night on my village. The weather is foggy and dark and the snow flakes are still soft. Winter is officially here and it’s going to stay. I don’t love the dark and hate the fog, they make me feel [...]

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Why I blog


About reasons and goals of this blog.

This article is traslated and adapted from the italian original one that you find below There are so many reasons why people open a blog. Well, ok. I stated the obvious. Start again.

Open a blog? You! What’s the big idea? You snub the poor ones that [...]

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America! July 4th inspired outfit


My Fourth of July inspired look I’m not American, but I want to celebrate Indipendence Day with an outfit inspired by the best part of this country, the land of opportunities, where ”Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve” I want to use the words of Prior, in the final monologue of a [...]

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Fashion and poetry


A curvy outfit inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s poem “Reversibility” Read a poetry, let yourself be inspired by words and sound, create a poetry inspired outfit. Dress: Zara Saldals: old Clutch: vintage, also worn here Necklace: gifted Ring: found on the street (it’s true!) Belt: Tommy Hilfiger you can find it here Pictures: made them by [...]

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