Che fine ho fatto

ritratto mosso

Di fashion blogger sfigate e ricerca di senso

Dell’assenza di una blogger sfigata pochi si accorgono. Ma basta una sola persona che mi chieda perché ho messo da parte il blog a spingermi a scrivere questo post.

No, non ho intenzione di chiuderlo, lo amo con un’intensità che non conoscevo prima, credo in quel [...]

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Umbriatico smells of childhood


A small town between the Calabrian mountains

Photo taken from the Internet

The best part of going to places where nobody wants to go is seeing things no one sees.

Like Umbriatico, a very small village of 800 inhabitants, situated in the hill close to the town of Crotone, Calabria. Surrounded by the Sila [...]

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Have a yourself a merry little Christmas

limp seagull, christmas story, walking with a limp, merry christmas, storia di natale, gabbiano

The seagull walking with a limp

On a lonely beach a little seagull’s crowd takes a rest before the next fishing an inch from the water. They are about thirty and in the middle of them, just barely on the shelf, there is one who ungracefully kicks about . It has a croked paw [...]

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All the shades of white

street style, lifestyle, fashion, icon, fotografia, white denim, white pants, white hair, indossare il bianco, how to wear white

Street style inspiration: how fashion icons wear white

I’m pretty obsessed by white. I love its elegance, its timeless allure and I love to wear it every season of the year. I was inspired by some of the most important fashionistas in the world that I photographed during the Milan fashion week. Some of [...]

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Off season Calabria. Walking the Greek roots

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Ancient and ghost towns in the Aspromonte mountains

If you read my travel posts you know well that I’m not used to talk about famous and tourist destinations, but rather about hidden and lost places that almost nobody knows. Today I want to show you the most southern part of Calabria (a region of [...]

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