A Guide to Recognizing Your Social

come usare i social network per blog, account social

How I use social networks to improve my blog

Picture from my facebook account

Everyone how manages a blog knows that sharing contents on social networks is a great way to drive more traffic to blog posts. At the beginning of My Vintage Curves social media marketing was the hardest part to me, because [...]

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What does curvy mean?

curvy revolution, tara lynn vogue cover, candice huffine vogue cover, robyn lawley vogue cover, vogue curvy, plus size models

My definition of the word ‘curvy’

Marks & Spencer advertising

I few days ago I bumped into a website’s photo gallery of plus size models. The title sang the praise of curvy beauty and the article talked about curvy women using words like sexy and hot. Not so smart, to be honest, but the [...]

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The decline of personal style blogs

end of personal style blogs

Are personal style blogs really coming to an end?

A few days ago I read the nth article that claim to explain why personal style blogs and fashion blogs in general are coming to an end. I’m quite teased about it because I think that the relationship between fashion system and bloggers is compromised [...]

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Appareo ergo sum

appareo ergo sum

I’m standing out therefore I exist

A new episode of my street style picture at Milan fashion week. I called it “Appareo ergo sum” quoting a famous pholosophical statement told by René Descartes.

While mixing with the fashion crowd, I bumped into many young and teenage man whose style captured me. They are in [...]

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Curvy evolution food for thought

curvy evolution underway

Why everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon

Curvy evolution is underway. The message is completely clear in meaning: Vogue Italia creates a Curvy section, For.me by Elena Mirò hits the runway at Milan Fashion Week with a collection focused on intermediate sizes, advertising discovers self acceptance; Lady Gaga shows off her curvier body [...]

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