Wallis fashion contest phase II


Vote your favourite moodboard and win!

La borsa Laura Bunker di HanselGretel in palio per voi

This is the second phase of the Wallis Simpson Fashion Contest. As I said for the first phase it’s only from Italian residents, but I’d love you to see the contestant’s moodboard inspired by Wallis Simpson.

Il Wallis [...]

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Anatomy of snobbery

self esteem and snobbery

Are you snob or self confident?

Some people say I’m a snob fashion blogger. They think I’m snobbish, I overrate my abilities and I feel beautiful and smart even if I’m fat and ugly. Well guys,you know what? I love grammar more than practice, I don’t think Kubrich is boring or Lynch awkward. [...]

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Around the world with you


Travelling around my followers’s world

Sometimes you travel with your own imagination. Sometimes just inspired by someone who do something special that take you away. Well guys you are the ones that do that special thing for me. Since I have opened my fashion curvy blog (it’s rather funny to tell, but yes, I’m [...]

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My Curvy Movies

my curvy movies

Cult scenes from a curvy point of view

Sometimes, expecially on sunday, I love to stay shut up in the house watching a lot of movie, Woody Allen’s movies, most of the time.

Yesterday I watched for the umpteenth time Deconstructing Harry and I heard one of his best jokes about Ebraism. When Burt [...]

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Half serious solutions for curvy girls

curvy life tag

5 ways to make your curvy life better

This post answers to a tag started by Morbida la Vita in her weekly bulletin Morbiweek. She wants us to tell 5 things that complicate a curvy woman‘s life or 5 pratical solutions that on the contrary could help curvy girls.

I chose to help These [...]

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