Everyone says I love you

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Fashion Week’s guide for beginners

Fashion week could be a very hard stuff to understand if you’re not part of the fashion crowd. Honestly I was in a tight spot the first time I joined the first one, so I believe it could be good to write a half serious picture guide for dummies [...]

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A fat bikini will save us from false perfection

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Why curvy women in swimwear can debunk the myth of beauty

Amazing women peep out from the pages of slick magazines, so marvelously perfect to be unreal. They are designed starting from a model and photographer but they don’t exist in the real world.

We are all enchanted by perfection, it’s such an out [...]

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The beleaguered art of fashion criticism

the beleaguered art of criticism

A new fashion column on my blog: Episode 1

I want to introduce a brand new column on blog. It’s called ”The beleaguered art of fashion criticism” and I drew inspiration from two nice pieces: the first, published on The Daily Beast e written by Robin Givhan, and the other one, called “The beleaguered [...]

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