Ethnic Chic

curvy outfit ethnic inspired

Curvy outfit: ethnic prints and turban

One of my blog mantras is to have fun with fashion. In”funshion” (that’s fashion with fun) the way you wear it is so much more important than what you wear. So here I am to show you my curvy outfit of the day, ethnic inspired, with mixed prints and [...]

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Fifties fashion style

50s vintage dress

My curvy 50′s dress inspired by vintage fashion

There’s nothing better than a Fifties look to enhance a curvy body.

Since I am a vintage blogger I particularly love 50s style: mid-calf cocktail dresses that fit tight to the bodice and waist of the woman’s body, bows and other feminine details, voluminous circle skirts, [...]

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Curly hair I love you


My streetstyle pictures of women with curls

I love curls, I’ve always loved them and I’m lucky enough to have natural wavy hair, if I haven’t I will probably do my best to add movement and volume to them, I think it helps to balance the figure in case of a curvy pear shaped [...]

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Wrap over skirt

wrap over skirt

Row sienna or something like that

The wrap over skirt is so out of fashion and that’s why I love it!

I managed to wear it stressing its vintage look. I choose high quality original wool items from ’70, a basic high collar sweater and a plaid skirt. I also added my DIY headband [...]

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Eyewear and new hairdo


New Firmoo sunglasses and my temporary short straight hair.

I’ve been to my haidresser this week and she straightened my hair. It’s a temporary hairdo, because I love my curls, but I think it’s nice to change your look for a few days.

In the pictures I show you today I also wear a [...]

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