Cargo and heels


Cargo pants, even curvy can

They say that cargo pants are no suitable for curvy women. In fact those lateral pockets, straight cut and wide leg are no good to enhance a female body shape.

But. I know, at this point of the post I’m about to do just the opposite of what I [...]

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Wrap over skirt

wrap over skirt

Row sienna or something like that

The wrap over skirt is so out of fashion and that’s why I love it!

I managed to wear it stressing its vintage look. I choose high quality original wool items from ’70, a basic high collar sweater and a plaid skirt. I also added my DIY headband [...]

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Denim fit guide for curvy girls #2

Denim fit guide for curvy girls #2

The Search Continues…

Do you remember my first post about the search of a pair of denim that perfectly fits with my curvy pear shaped body?

Well, this Curvy OOTD is the second episode! Once again I will be your Curvy Model

The first time I showed you a bottom up denim, with [...]

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A different kind of Christmas

a different Kind of christmas

Southern Italian style holidays

I know, I know, I declare to be a fashion curvy blogger and you probably expect from me that this time of the year I’ll talk about fashion and holiday shopping . But, as you can see in the name of my blog and I wrote several times in my [...]

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Make up for dummies

makeup for dummies

A smeared makeup shooting

This is a self shot experiment. I’m totally unskilled in make up, but I wanted to try to make an intentionally smeared effect and accentuate the dramatic mood of the pics. I was inspired by internet tutorials and blogger friends posts.

Some people like editing images for hours with there [...]

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