La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

Why the marinière is not a seasonal trend

La Marinière has nothing to do with the seasonal trend of stripes.

Marinière is a world, a way of being and an eternal classic, inspired by Breton sailors, immortal fashion muses, iconic actress and the sea (mainly the Northern sea, but I love my calm, blue [...]

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My Curvy Movies

my curvy movies

Cult scenes from a curvy point of view

Sometimes, expecially on sunday, I love to stay shut up in the house watching a lot of movie, Woody Allen’s movies, most of the time.

Yesterday I watched for the umpteenth time Deconstructing Harry and I heard one of his best jokes about Ebraism. When Burt [...]

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Vintage Tomboy

vintage androgyne

Or an oxblood velvet blazer

I would have liked to entitle this post “like a dandy“, because it was a great, charming and easy to remember title.

It would be great to evocate a masculine look worn by a woman, but, to be honest, the dandy’s philosophy it’s not the kind of message I [...]

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I got a name

I got a name

Behind every name there’s a story

My name is Antonietta Maria and I love my name.

I love it because it’s old fashioned and unusual and the order of addends is inverted.

I love it because it holds the story of my ancestors, the history of my family before my birth.

Antonietta and Maria [...]

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The first snow of the season

first snow of the season

Through the window: pictures and reflections

The first snow of the season fell the last night on my village. The weather is foggy and dark and the snow flakes are still soft. Winter is officially here and it’s going to stay. I don’t love the dark and hate the fog, they make me feel [...]

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