New year’s eve party outfit

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A little black dress and a red cape to celebrate

Let’s celebrate! But what to wear for a new year’s eve elegant party? In this special occasion I chose a little black dress made with embroidered fabric and flounces on the chest and back from Navabi. I feel so feminine and sexy in it, [...]

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Outfit idea for christmas with family

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What to wear for a Christmas dinner with family

What’s the perfect outfit to spend Christmas time with your family? I have an only rule: never overdo it. Your grandmother could not like to see you in a sexy minidress while singing holiday songs

So I opted for a plain look with a [...]

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Merry Curvy and Vintage Christmas

sparkling collant

A vintage inspired curvy outfit for Christmas

Dear readers,Merry Christmas from your Italian Curvy Blogger!

I want to share with you a holiday special curvy look. I always loved bon ton dresses and what better occasion could there be to wear something like that? And take a look at my sparkling tights, my mother [...]

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Family sequins


My inherited unbridled passion for sequins

I have an insane affection for sequins inherited from my mum. Last week, in a cold lazy evening, while I was chatting with her on the fireplace (yes, we’re lucky enought to have one) she said to me: ” I have an amazing maxipull studded with black sequins. [...]

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A different kind of Christmas

a different Kind of christmas

Southern Italian style holidays

I know, I know, I declare to be a fashion curvy blogger and you probably expect from me that this time of the year I’ll talk about fashion and holiday shopping . But, as you can see in the name of my blog and I wrote several times in my [...]

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