A dress and other stories

curvy woman wearing colors, blue and green pattern dress, deep back neckline

Curvy outfit: a casual dress and colorful accessories

If dresses could talk this dress it would tell so many stories! It would talk about its childhood in a boutique and a short time in a secondhand clothing shop. It would tell about a sexy blonde who saved it from a rag-and-bone man’s store and [...]

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Shades of pink curvy look

pearls collar, curly hair, short curls, vintage blog, vintage blogger, curvy blog, curvy blogger, plus size model, plus size fashion

Chic on a budget: fashion tips for curvy girls

Why do curvy fashion blogs exist? There are two basic reasons in my opinion: 1. Give inspiration to all those women who think they are fat and ugly. Girls we are here and there are an incredibly large number of us who want to be [...]

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Savour the slow life at home


About rain, discretion an healthy food early in the morning

I woke up early this morning. I hear a light noise beyond my open window. It’s raining. Everything is surrounded by the shadows of the night. I get up and I brew some coffee in my moka pot. The scent of espresso blends in [...]

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Pajama Style


Curvy outfit of the day: pajama trend

Wearing a pajama to go out in public. Are you serious? Yes, I am! Obviously I’m not talking about an oversize fleece sleepwear, but a silk pajama used as a chic pantsuit. I saw the pajama trend on the catwalks for some seasons and I’m mad about [...]

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RubRiga and ethical purchasing

mariniere alla 3

Stripes to the third power

One sweater three ways

Today is a marinière day! My monthly guest post for the RubRiga is dedicated to ethical sourcing.

A few days ago I read about a German man who lives without using money and he manages just fine. For housing he does fix-it jobs for a [...]

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