A new aesthetics of curves in fashion


For.Me by Elena Mirò and curvy women in painting

Elena Mirò is launching a new advertising campaign for its spring/summer 2013 collection For.Me (you can read it like “for me” or “forme” that in Italian means shapes or in this case curves) There’s a lot of glamour: a beautiful plus size model, Lauren McKenzie, [...]

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Why I blog


About reasons and goals of this blog.

This article is traslated and adapted from the italian original one that you find below There are so many reasons why people open a blog. Well, ok. I stated the obvious. Start again.

Open a blog? You! What’s the big idea? You snub the poor ones that [...]

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Hunting for talents: clothes designers

cool hunting

New young designers at the Milan Fashion Week

“Franca Sozzani e l’esercito del fashion” – Franca Sozzani and the fashion army out of Dolce&Gabbana

During the last Milan Fashion Week I looked around the several events that involved new brands and young designers. I enjoy playing the fashion hunter role for few days! This [...]

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