Umbriatico smells of childhood


A small town between the Calabrian mountains

Photo taken from the Internet

The best part of going to places where nobody wants to go is seeing things no one sees.

Like Umbriatico, a very small village of 800 inhabitants, situated in the hill close to the town of Crotone, Calabria. Surrounded by the Sila [...]

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Celebrate your curves

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A stretch dress to honor my curves

Having curves could be hard in a world of strict rules and full of skinny standards of beauty and as a fashion blogger I know it well. But look girls, living our life trying to look like other people is tiring and pointless, our body is a [...]

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Red boots and College style

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How to wear a college style look. Curvy and Plus Size edition

The 2014 is just started and I already have my personal “shoes of the year“; I’m pretty sure that these boots will stay at my feet for a long time, why they are comfortable, suitable for all weather conditions and so cute [...]

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