Who’s afraid of swimsuit season?

even my body is a bikini body

Even my body is a bikini body

Sometimes you need to get undressed to be plausible. In my Curvy on the beach post and my insta-story of my first day at the beach (recounted using the hashtag #curvyonthebeach) I told about the dreaded swuitsuit season. Almost every curvy and plus size woman felt that [...]

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A summer full of colors

colorful vintage outfit

Colorful fashion and about writing for the web

I admit it! I let myself tempted by writing a post based on “Peace and love” because of the t shirt print. But I gave up. I said to myself that I couldn’t be so trivial. People is getting out of the habit of reading, it’s [...]

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Beauty can pierce one like a pain

beauty can pierce one like a pain

Fragments of decadent beauty

It happens sometimes to bump into an unexpected fragment of beauty. In most cases we are completely unable to get it and we are inclined to turn away from it, because, as Thomas Mann said in Buddenbrooks, “beauty can pierce one like a pain”. The beauty I’m talking about has [...]

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Dress code at work

dress code at work

What to wear in the workplace

There aren’t universal rules on dressing for work, because what is considered appropriate varies by workplace, field and what is happening on the day. Some places hava a rigid dress policy, some others let you free to wear what you think is better for you.

Being an architect [...]

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La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

La Marinière, an Eternal Classic

Why the marinière is not a seasonal trend

La Marinière has nothing to do with the seasonal trend of stripes.

Marinière is a world, a way of being and an eternal classic, inspired by Breton sailors, immortal fashion muses, iconic actress and the sea (mainly the Northern sea, but I love my calm, blue [...]

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