Curvy I hate you!

why people hate the word curvy

Why do people hate the word curvy?

Collage from Gioia magazine and internet pictures

In an ideal world a blog like this would never exist. They wouldn’t be weight, sexual, racial, religious discriminations, no “curvy” and plus size clothes lines, no demostrations or “pride” exibitions, because in an ideal world there wouldn’t be nothing [...]

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Floral pants for summer

how to wear floral pants

An outfit idea on what to wear with floral trousers

Thinking to what we saw at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2013 and Milan Men’s Fashion Week, it seems that floral trend will hold up. Until recently I was used to wear floral prints only on tops, bluses and shirts, afraid of turning a floral garden [...]

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Boho Chic

boho chic style

How to wear contrasting masculine feminine style

“Why did you run away, honey?” “I had to.” “Don’t you think it would have been easier just to stay the way you were?” I lifted my face and looked into my mother’s eyes. And I told her: “This is the way I was.”

(Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex, [...]

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White jeans curvy fit

how to wear white jeans curvy

How to wear white denim. Curvy edition

How to match white denim? How to wear them shying away from looking like an icecream man or a white whale? White jeans are one of the most classic items in a woman’s closet, so beautiful and hard to wear. But I’m not scared about it and, [...]

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The decline of personal style blogs

end of personal style blogs

Are personal style blogs really coming to an end?

A few days ago I read the nth article that claim to explain why personal style blogs and fashion blogs in general are coming to an end. I’m quite teased about it because I think that the relationship between fashion system and bloggers is compromised [...]

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