The impossible pair

the impossible pair

A curvy girl wearing a mini skirt

And so it was that at the tender age of 34 I wore my first mini mini super mini skirt.

As you can easily realize “the impossible pair” is me and the mini skirt. Because of a pear shaped body, inherited by my Mediterranean genes, my legs [...]

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Best look ever

best look ever

How to find your perfect outfit

Have you ever thought about your perfect look?

To me the perfect look is the one makes you feel represented, highlighted and comfortable with yourself. So I deduce that we can’t find our perfect outfit, and this counts for curvy and plus size women as well, following canned [...]

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My Curvy Movies

my curvy movies

Cult scenes from a curvy point of view

Sometimes, expecially on sunday, I love to stay shut up in the house watching a lot of movie, Woody Allen’s movies, most of the time.

Yesterday I watched for the umpteenth time Deconstructing Harry and I heard one of his best jokes about Ebraism. When Burt [...]

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A Chic + Casual look

Playing with the idiomatic expression, My two cents or My2cents like they write on twitter, here my two cents about a good dress down: the two C of Chic and Casual.

I’m used to dress this way during spring and fall. I pair rolled up skinny jeans with high [...]

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RubRiga and ethical purchasing

mariniere alla 3

Stripes to the third power

One sweater three ways

Today is a marinière day! My monthly guest post for the RubRiga is dedicated to ethical sourcing.

A few days ago I read about a German man who lives without using money and he manages just fine. For housing he does fix-it jobs for a [...]

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