Denim fit guide for curvy girls #3

Denim fit guide for curvy girls 3: wide leg pants

Wide leg jeans, are they good for curves?

A new episode of my seach for the perfect jeans for curvy women. Before straight leg jeans and skinny jeans today I want to talk about a kind of denim that curvy girls, expecially those who have a pear shaped body, should never wear: wide leg [...]

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Vintage dress for inbetweenies

vintage dress for inbetweenies

Floral dress and Persian blue for a spring curvy outfit

There’s a new curvy outfit for all of you vintage lovers and inbetweenie girls. Spring in back at last and I feel so blissful about it, so I chose to wear a vintage floral dress mixed with a little scarf used as a bow [...]

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Sobriety is the new black


Street style and elegance at Milan Fashion Week

No more extreme looks in these streetstyle photos. Even if out of the fashion shows the most part of the fashion crowd is overdressed and weird looking there are few people that stand out for their attitude and their ability of being elegant.

I’m talking about [...]

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Curvy Stories

Curvy Stories

My monologue and your stories about curves

In my day dreamer intent to find every day a brand new way of comunicate with my blog I wrote a curvy monologue.

And, I played it in a video. The result is quite tragicomic, because, while I tryed to remember the words to say, my face [...]

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Old style Milan


Out and about the city of fashion

I lived in Milan for a few years and when I was there I loved taking long walks and discovering secret placesthat I had never been before. When I was there for the last fashion week I spent a whole day walking out and about the city, [...]

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