Marinière, Vintage and Illustrations

mariniere vintage illustrations

From the seacoast of Brittany to my sketchbook

The French marinière (the typical Breton sailor shirt) is essential piece in my wardrobe. A timeless classic, the striped nautical style reminds me quiet coastal towns, retro-looking bathing suits, romantic bathing-huts of the early 1900.

I envision myself walking somewhere on a French Atlantic Coast looking [...]

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Golden Curvy

golden curvy

Sic et simpliciter: the Little Black Dress

Today I want to show you a preview of the new upcoming Golden Curvy20 tights, designed for curvy women.

Golden Curvy has a line that follow your figure with a special connection between the body width,thigh width and leg length.

I decided to put to the hardest [...]

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A bird flies on my skirt

a bird flies on my skirt

How I wear my Vintage 80′s black & blue skirt with bird pattern

I found this amazing skirt in a box in the basement and I decided to design around it a perfect IT Girl’s style outfit. Or rather, a curvy version of it.

Look at this bird pattern, isn’t it cute? There are [...]

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Denim fit guide for curvy girls #2

Denim fit guide for curvy girls #2

The Search Continues…

Do you remember my first post about the search of a pair of denim that perfectly fits with my curvy pear shaped body?

Well, this Curvy OOTD is the second episode! Once again I will be your Curvy Model

The first time I showed you a bottom up denim, with [...]

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Vintage houndstooth

curvy pie de poule

Or how a curvy woman wore a chicken foot

There are so many idiomatic expressions here in Italy (or in Southern Italian slangs) which subjects are animals feet.

I know, you are asking yourself “what’s the point? She’s quite strange”, but let me say

So: to mean a rude person we say ” [...]

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