A different kind of Christmas

a different Kind of christmas

Southern Italian style holidays

I know, I know, I declare to be a fashion curvy blogger and you probably expect from me that this time of the year I’ll talk about fashion and holiday shopping . But, as you can see in the name of my blog and I wrote several times in my [...]

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The first snow of the season

first snow of the season

Through the window: pictures and reflections

The first snow of the season fell the last night on my village. The weather is foggy and dark and the snow flakes are still soft. Winter is officially here and it’s going to stay. I don’t love the dark and hate the fog, they make me feel [...]

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The twenty days of Christmas


…on twitter

There are only 20 days to go before Christmas and I have a new project I want you to involve in. I was inspired by al old popular Christmas carol, “The twelve days of Christmas“, a nursery rhyme that enumerates a series of gifts given on each of the twelve days of [...]

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MP Select: it’s time!

madison select

New & indie plus-size designers for full-figured fashionistas

I’m so proud and happy to share with you some fashion news. The plus size fashion industry finally has a new landmark, that helps to evolve plus size and curvy standard of style. Since I love and encourage new designers who are working for women sizes [...]

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Let your soul dress you

let your soul dress you

Clothes for my heart and my curves

Sometimes we need to dress for our soul, not only for our body. Colors turn beige and brown, clothes are inspired by romanticism, with a touch of contemporary style. The scarf is handmade by supernonna and, as you can probably see from the photo, it really keeps [...]

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