Vintage fall in the Italian countryside

vintage fall

“No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face.” (John Donne)

For a vintage girl like me this is the most inspiring season on the year. I enjoy walking on crunchy autumn leaves and admiring the beautiful views of the fall foliage.

Foliage is absolutely breathtaking in [...]

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Merry Curvy and Vintage Christmas

sparkling collant

A vintage inspired curvy outfit for Christmas

Dear readers,Merry Christmas from your Italian Curvy Blogger!

I want to share with you a holiday special curvy look. I always loved bon ton dresses and what better occasion could there be to wear something like that? And take a look at my sparkling tights, my mother [...]

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Tangram or The praise of diversity


Self Acceptance: In cooperation with the Italian Curvy & Plus Size Bloggers

Be different, not idle!

There comes a time in every (curvy or overweight or plus size) woman’s life when you need to make it up with yourself. I fighted agaist myself my whole life. I constantly felt ugly and unsuitable, different from [...]

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Black and white curves

black and white curves

Curvy look in velvet trousers and one shoulder top

With basic you play safe. Well, it isn’t completely true. Sometimes you take the risk to be a little too much ordinary and plain, so when it’s about black and white it’s important to balance too much and too little.

The problem in this his [...]

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Family sequins


My inherited unbridled passion for sequins

I have an insane affection for sequins inherited from my mum. Last week, in a cold lazy evening, while I was chatting with her on the fireplace (yes, we’re lucky enought to have one) she said to me: ” I have an amazing maxipull studded with black sequins. [...]

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