Sublimate a memory


Or rather wearing a feeling

It was November 2006 and I had already closed an important phase of my life (a goal achieved and a death). Me and my brother left for a backpacking tour of Ireland. We needed to be on the road and feel the wind on our skin.

We were travelled [...]

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Feel fabulous in Valentino

feel fabulous

How to wear a vintage Valentino dress and feel fabulous

Yes, I feel fabulous. Maybe I’m not so fabulous but I feel like that!

I’m not a self confident person, I admit it. And this is bad, because everyone of us has his own kind of beauty, whatever our age, gender, shape is. It’s [...]

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Russet trousers

russet pants

Burberry and colored trousers

There’s an old way of saying in the village I live: “red pants in a mature age”. It concearns to older men and women who don’t wear clothes suitable with their age. And it’s quite funny that in my area red pants are the symbol of a bad taste in [...]

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Franca and the fashion army

franca and the fashion army

Street Style chronicles of a fashion week

If you, like me, have green tea and an apple at breakfast while flipping through the pages of Vogue, you certanly know who Franca is. But if, on the contrary, you drinks cups of hot, strong coffee skipping breakfast and giving a damn about it ruins your [...]

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It’s all about details

its all about details

Different shades of brown and a Swedish necklace

I firmly believe that in some kind of outfits details could be the main element that captures our attention and make it look special. Accessories speak volumes about a person’s dressing up, even if wearing them is such a hard thing to do, because it’s easy [...]

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