Oversize vs slim fit

oversize vs slim fit

How I enhance my curvy body balancing volumes.

My aunt gave me a used silk straight blouse, with a vaguely tribal print, because she wasn’t able to match it the right way. She told me that she bought it to camouflage her busty figure, but every time she wore it, she felt like a [...]

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Why I blog


About reasons and goals of this blog.

This article is traslated and adapted from the italian original one that you find below There are so many reasons why people open a blog. Well, ok. I stated the obvious. Start again.

Open a blog? You! What’s the big idea? You snub the poor ones that [...]

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How to wear a corporate suit without looking boring

corporate suit

…adding a massive dose of sequins

Curvy girls are not used to wear pant suits, in addiction some people believe that pant suits means business. They find them conservative, boring and only appropriate for the business world in general. But trousers suit deserve a chance, because it’s comfortable, chic and it can have surprises [...]

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Across and down

across and down

Curvy outfit – Masculine stripes

First of all I want to say sorry for the bad quality of these pictures, but the weather has been horrible this week and I couldn’t take any photo outdoor because of the steady rain. So I had to set up a makeshift photographic studio in my cellar.

That [...]

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Tartan in the woods

tartan cape

A tartan cape, vintage of course!

Tartan is one of this season’s trends. I unearthed an old tartan cape, that was part of an outfit with an ensambled pencil skirt. I paired it with a handmade green scarf (made by my aunt) used as a romantic bonnet. In spite of those who think that [...]

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