Sicily is the clue to everything

madison plus

My first post for Madison Plus

Hello guys. i’m so excited to show you this post and pictures. They are part of a project I recently made for Madison Plus; it was published on October 19 and you can find it here.

“As the famous poet Goethe said “To have seen Italy without having [...]

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Trench coats are still fashionable

trench coat

Air force blue and a bubble dress

A couple of days ago a fashionista said on tv that the trench coats trend continues to keep it place in fashion for this season. So I thought to myself “Thanks God!” Actually I would have worn it even then, but it’s good to know that people [...]

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We love accessories!

we love accessories

Young designers and exclusive accessories

Pokemaoke temporary showroom in Milan. Picture My Vintage Curves

Accessories are not all the same. Today I want to share with you some new brands I recently discovered. They are young, fresh, creative and italian. Let’s start!

Pokemaoke. I saw Pokemaoke’s temporary showroom in Milan and I was instantly [...]

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Vintage green

vintage green

Curvy outfit in green and blue

I want to say it at once: this outfit is totally 70′s vintage except for the shoes and it’s one of my favourites even! That’s why it’s one of the outfits I wore in Milan during my stay for the last fashion week. The blouse is made of [...]

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Retro chic in polka dots

retro polka dots

How to look like a pin-up 50s housewife

As I said so many times in my blog, I enjoy playing with fashion. So when I saw my aunt thrown this old polka dots dress away I asked myself how I could have worn it. And this is it!

I look like a 50s housewife, [...]

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