About yellow skirts and main characters

yellow skirt

Curvy girl in a vintage pencil skirt

Is it a good idea for a curvy girl to wear a super stretchy, bright yellow pencil skirt and highlight that way a… how can I say?… “sumptuous” bottom?

Absolutely not!

But ( and when you read rhetorical questions like this, expect to read the word BUT [...]

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Ready for work

office ready

My typical office outfit

I use pubblic transportation to get to work, then I go on foot for a mile. And I love this, because I take an hour to think about my favourite things. In addiction taking a walk helps me to stay fit.

For this reason I need to wear comfortable shoes [...]

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Make up for dummies

makeup for dummies

A smeared makeup shooting

This is a self shot experiment. I’m totally unskilled in make up, but I wanted to try to make an intentionally smeared effect and accentuate the dramatic mood of the pics. I was inspired by internet tutorials and blogger friends posts.

Some people like editing images for hours with there [...]

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A very vintage season

autumn leaves

When autumn leaves start to fall…

This is not an outfit post and I hope you won’t be disapponted for that. Today I want to show you some pictures I took to celebrate my love for Autumn. There are so many reasons why out of all four seasons, fall is the best one for [...]

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White shirt, a style classic

white skirt

You’ll never go wrong with a white shirt

Whether paired with a skirt, jeans, or trousers a white shirt is always perfect to look chic and sophisticated even when you go casual. This is my curvy way!

I chose a slim fit one with waist darts and I paired it with skinny jeans and [...]

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