One dress three ways

karen derek

My Vintage Curves for Karen Derek

Me on the catwalk for Karen Derek during the Fattaperpiacere fashion event

I have just returned from a trip. The worst part of my short vacation was my heavy luggage. Packing a suitcase properly can be even hard for a fashion addicted. So you need to maximize space [...]

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Hunting for talents: clothes designers

cool hunting

New young designers at the Milan Fashion Week

“Franca Sozzani e l’esercito del fashion” – Franca Sozzani and the fashion army out of Dolce&Gabbana

During the last Milan Fashion Week I looked around the several events that involved new brands and young designers. I enjoy playing the fashion hunter role for few days! This [...]

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Fattaperpiacere curvy event part 1

fattaperpiacere 1

Chronicle of a curvy fashion event

Me at Fattaperpiacere curvy fashion event

Fattaperpiacere is a fashion event that take place in Milan during the Fashion Week. Designed for celebrating curves, it happens in zona Tortona, Milan, where fashion brands, buyers, designers, architects, bloggers and journalists join together to confront each other and introduce the [...]

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See through and animalier

see through and animalier cover

Ready for a date night

Is there something more attractive than see though? I dont’ use it often, because it makes me feel too much naked, but today I try to be more confident! My challenge is to create a sexy but not vulgar outfit for my curves. For a date night with my [...]

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Polka dots & stripes

polka dots and stripes

A myth to debunk: curvy girl in a striped blazer

Not to pair different patterns it’s no longer an incontrovertible fashion rule (have you ever read my “You have to know the rules to break them” post?) and I love both: polka dots and stripes, they are perfect for a retro style like mine. [...]

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