Curvy girl a la Parisienne

A Curvy outfit inspired by French style icons

I have a vintage style, you know. Even when I don’t wear vintage clothes, I have a preference for items with a retro allure.

In this outfit I I have re-created the French classic “Marinierre” style, adapted for my curvy body. I really love this love this look, because I’ve always been enchanted by French movies actresses and when I decided to cut my hair (as you can see in this post) I wanted to look like my favourite movie icons: Jean Seberg (even if she wasn’t French, she played Patricia in À bout de souffle directed by Jean Luc Godard), Jeanne Moreau (who played Catherine in Jules et Jim directed by François Truffaut), Betty Schneider (she was Anne in Paris nous appartient directed by Jacques Rivette). I wore a hat I bought years ago in a old hats boutique, just before it closed.

All the things I wore come from local stores

Do you like the marinierre look? How would you match with? Let me know!!!!

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Un outfit curvy ispirato alle icone di stile del cinema francese.

Ho uno style vintage, ormai lo sapete. Ed anche quando non indosso abiti propriamente vintage, continuo a scegliere capi che abbiamo un certo non so che di retro.

In questo outfit in particolare ho tentato di ricreare il classico stile “Marinierre” francese, ovviamente adattandolo al mio fisico formoso. Mi piace molto quel che ne viene fuori, perchè sono sempre stata affascinata dalla attrici nei film francesi e quando ho deciso di tagliarmi i capelli (come vi ho mostrato in questo post) volevo proprio assomigliare alle mie icone cinematografiche preferite: Jean Seberg (anche se non era francese ha interpretato Patricia in À bout de souffle di Jean Luc Godard), Jeanne Moreau (Catherine in Jules et Jim di François Truffaut), Betty Schneider (era Anne in Paris nous appartient diretto da Jacques Rivette). Ho indossato per l’occasione un cappello che ho comprato in un vecchissimo negozio di cappelli che svuotava il locale dei suoi tesori causa chiusura attività.

Tutti i capi che indosso provengono da piccoli negozi locali.

Che ne dite? Vi piace lo stile marinierre? E voi, come lo abbinereste? Non scordate di farmelo sapere!

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Curvy outfit inspired by french movies icons

Curvy outfit inspired by french movies icons

Curvy outfit inspired by french movies icons

Curvy outfit inspired by french movies icons


  • Elisa Fe16

    Adorabile questo look!!! Stai benissimo in queste foto.. e il cappello super :)

    Nuovo post.. 

  • Scarlett

    Thats a simple way to get a great look, amazing how iconic some pieces are, once you see them you recognize th style right away. By the way your site looks awesome …so nice and neat!!!

  • Steppingtobliss

    You wear this well.  I love the pants…where did you find them?  I would never think to wear pants like that on my curvy body but they look great! 

     I love the vintage/retro look too and try to incorporate it into my wardrobe as well.

    • My Vintage Curves

      I bought them is a small local store, they a sort of harem pants and contrary to what I always believed, I find out that this kind of pants fit really good on curvy pear shaped bodies! 

  • Lisa Walter

    This is so adorable on you.  I would not think that a curvy girl, like you and like me could pull this look off…but you do…it is fabulous on you.  Love the hat, the shirt, the pants.  Beautiful.

  • Kat

    I think you nailed the look! Love these photos of you!


    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure hope to run into you more often!

  • Kathleen Lisson

    I do see a few striped shirts here in Paris this week, but sadly, no hats. I am the only one in town wearing a beret that is not 70+ and male. 

    • My Vintage Curves

      That’s a pity! I love hats and I’ve just bought an amazing white sun hat for my weekend in Sicily.

  • Angela Trovato

    Elegante, sempre elegante! <3

    • My Vintage Curves

      Grazie Angie <3

  • divadellecurve

    carinissima, belli i pantaloni!

    • My Vintage Curves

      Grazie! Ho scoperto che gli harem pants sono adattissimi al fisico a pera (almeno al mio) :*

  • Ali Walker6

    What a darling blog! I love these clothes. The shirt is so cute! :)

  • Marialeon

    Super look! I love your hat so much! kiss dear. ;)

  • Leonor

    I looove blue and white stripes!! love the French elegance!! so I think this look is gorgeous!:D  I have a new post now! I would loove to know what you think of it!!:D have a great week! one big kiss!


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