Ladylike style

ladylike style

A ladylike, vintage inspired, outfit for curvy women

I’m 33, I admit. But as often I feel like a child. Today a wanna play a feminine, ladylike role… with a touch of cheetah print. I used pendants earrings and a vintage shirt from my mom’s closet. Shirt Vintage skirt h&m Shoes thrifted earring gifted


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Casual blue

casual blue

Blue trench and my Coccinelle bag I went out this weekend and visited great places with my mom, aunt and cousin. It was a woman’s stuff, I ate so much and took a lot of pictures with my beloved camera. Weather was changeable and windy, but even then I had fun. For this occasion I [...]

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Let’s recycle! My new necklace project

Let's recycle! My new necklace project

What happens when you put together some old ribbons (from an easter egg), two bicycle chains and a used cd? It come out a necklace! I put an old cd in the oven for 5 minutes then I uses it as a pendant. Do you like my new recycled project?

Che succede quando si [...]

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Vintage white collar

vintage white collar

A contrast collar shirt is undeniably one of the trends of this season. You can find a tons of contrast collar and tie neck blouses in the most important fashion blogs and stores. And…. going through My Closet guess what! I found a vintage white collar chiffon blouse, designed by Renato Balestra in his [...]

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Let’s talk about faTshion

Let's talk about faTshion

This is a fashion tag of the Italian Curvy Bloggers Network proposed by La diva delle curve. I join it too! I’m going to answer some questions about my body, fashion and curvy subjects. Let’s start! Height:165 cms (5.5 ft)

clothing size: Italian 46/48 Uk 14/16 U.S. 12/14 shoe size: European 39 Uk 6 [...]

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