Sono grassa migrante disabile e omosessuale

discriminazione, ponderalismo, razzismo

Sono grassa Sono migrante Sono senza casa Sono omosessuale Sono malata Sono indifesa Sono vecchia Sono disabile Sono straniera Sono sola

Da più parti vedo ridurre la questione dell’obesità ad un mero “ammettete di non aver voglia di alzare il culo dal divano per andare a correre e smettetela”. Bene, siete fighi e straordinariamente intelligenti, [...]

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Costa degli Dei The Coast of the Gods

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Parghelia and Capo Vaticano in the Southern Tyrrhenian coast

How long has it been since I wrote my last post? Actually a lot. I’ve been busy, but I can’t forget how amazing and inspiring is to write and be read by you. So I couldn’t help but sharing with you a place I visited [...]

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Smart casual dress code

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What to wear at work. Curvy Plus Size outfit idea

Most of the times we don’t really know how to dress to work. Of course it depends on the kind of job we have, but in general I believe that a A smart casual dress code is the right compromise, a well-pulled-together look that [...]

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Cooking slow. Slow down and pamper yourself

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Slow cooked spelt soup

Make your home smell like fall! This is an easy but not quick recipe. I admit it, it’s hard to cook a dish like this in your urban flat, because you need an earthenware pot (I believe it’s not so easy to find out of the souther Mediterranean sea area), a [...]

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Transition to fall in a Vintage mood

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Curvy Plus Size vintage outfit

Here in the South of Italy transition to fall is slow and irregular. Some days the weather is sunny and warm (but not in the evening) so you can go bare legs wearing a sweater only. I wore this vintage inspired curvy outfit about a week ago, but today [...]

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